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What is No Shave November?

What is No Shave November?

As we wind down to the last week of October we will hear and see No Shave November. Last year a good friend of mine decided to help raise money for Movember another name for No Shave November.  I donated and learned why this tradition was started.  I would like to use this platform to share with you the history behind No Shave November. 

No Shave November started in 2004 in Australia.  A group of 30 men organized an event to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression in men.  These men grew moustaches (hence the name Movember) to embrace their hair, hair that many cancer patients lose.  The hair growth is supposed to be wild and free.  The goal is to raise money by having men donate the money they would typically spend on shaving and grooming.  The money is used to help with cancer prevention, save lives and aid those fighting the battle. 

So with this new knowledge, grow one!  Ladies encourage your man to not shave during the month of November and also donate to the cause. 

And for my bearded brothers who never shave, lets not look down on the man who decides to support no shave November but uplift him with why he is not shaving.

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