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His and Hers: "I need my space!"

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His and Hers:

Its a new day and I'm sure most women can relate to this blog!

"I need my space!" This is a phrase most men have to use nowadays.  Growing up we didn't see our dads, uncles, grandfathers (whatever man was in your life) with their own space.  I don't even think my father had his own lotion.  I look at my sink now and I wonder where the hell did all of these damn products come from... I currently have Coconut Body Butter from Trader Joes, deodorant, atleast 3 colognes, Bevel shaving kit, Lubriderm (for when I have a tattoo healing), Shea moisture facial kit, a few secret oils, about 3 combs, a brush and of course Creative Culture Beard Butter in all 3 scents! I thought this was a bit much until my customers started tagging me in their pictures of CCL Beard Butter in their bathroom.  Men are evolving and its not that we are becoming metrosexual, I just think we are doing a better job taking care of ourselves.  I think when I became a single man, I added 90% of these products.  The bottomline is most men are simple but we do most of these things to impress or attract women.  Women love a man that's well groomed and smells great! 

So my message is simple but clear, we need our space too. Fellas don't be afraid to tell her get her $hit off of your sink or your side of the bathroom.  As a bearded man you will need your space and you will leave lots of hair all over the sink.  Its ok to have your own space and take care of yourself. You are not alone.  I'm going leave y'all with words from the great 2 Chainz.

Red bottoms in his and hers
Got a Rollie in his and hers
Got a car in his and hers
Walk in the zoo and say, "Pick a fur"

Basically, when y'all shop, we shop! We need our own space but yeah let me get a belt and a wallet when you go grab that new bag!



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