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Beard Poo or Beard Bar


Beard Poo or Beard Bar

Anything worth having requires a certain level of maintenance. You wanted a big beard, MAINTAIN IT!

So what are you using to wash your beard? Please don't say soap and water. Using the same soap you use on your body will leave your beard completely dry! A lot of commercial soaps are too harsh and will clog your pores. Ask your lady! 

Well BeardGang I have good news! I have been working on adding a Beard Shampoo "Beard Poo" and a Beard Bar of Soap "Beard Bar" greatness for your beard and face. I'm big on using only natural products that only promote healthy hair and adds to the natural ingredients in CreativeCultureBeardButter. I'm pleased to say by November 1st we will be offering CreativeCultureBeardBath: BeardPoo & BeardBar. The BeardPoo is a liquid, clean, unscented, all natural formulation that allows you to wash your beard 2-3 times a week. The BeardBar is an unscented soap that is for daily use for your beard and face. More details to come! 



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