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October 1 Shipping Everywhere - Sorry For the Wait

October 1 Shipping Everywhere - Sorry For the Wait

CreativeCultureLifestyle launched August 1st with the hopes of being a BeardButter supplier to men all over the world. However due to the sensitive nature of having a Shea based product, it was important to hold off on shipping. On my 1st day I had emails and abandoned carts from friends all over. "We want to order your product but it's saying we can't order unless we are in Maryland." This was tough because I knew I was leaving money on table but I never wanted to sacrifice my integrity and ship a product that could have easily melted before it left Baltimore. 

The wait is over! Starting next week we will be 100% web based for all orders. I will no longer be taking orders via phone locally and offering a delivery service. All orders will be processed within 1-3 business days and shipped out. 

Now is the time to start tagging your friends for the October 1st relaunch of CreativeCultureLifestyle. I am excited to announce I have multiple wholesale deals already pending in 3 different states, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia. 

Share the blog and web address with your friends on all social media! 

Thank You! 

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