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How To Grow One


How To Grow One

So you see everybody buying Creative Culture Beard Butter and you've decided you want to be in a gang???? The Beardgang welcomes all men willing to join the No Shave Club!  There are a few rules before you get jumped in and a few things you'll need to know about this process.

Week 1: This is one of the toughest weeks in your young beard career! Patience is the key. You will experience itching.  You will find out quickly where you will have patches and thickness.  You will also have some coworker or your annoying lady ask you "why" but this is your time to stand tall and say "I'm in a gang & I'm never shaving again!"

Week 2: What do you do about the itching? Well in Week 1 you bluffed and didn't order your Creative Culture Beard Butter so now your face is dry and itchy and your beard is young!  Don't worry, I got you!!! At this moment just keep using the product to keep your beard moist everyday after you shower. Apply to a damp beard (Just a dime size of Beard Butter) and massage in all over.  Don't worry if it touches your face because its all natural baby & don't be afraid to use it in your hair bro! The next part is really important.... DO NOT GO AND GET A SHAPE UP! This is tough, but let your natural line shine! Just keep training your beard by brushing it and keeping it cool just as you did when you were young and you brushed your hair all day trying to get waves.

Week 3: You're almost home! At the end of Week 3 you now have the basis of what your face is going to look like with a beard.  You look stronger! Your coworkers are scared of you.  Your girl wants to join the exclusive Beard Rider club and she is asking you to order the Creative Culture ladies Beard Rider t-shirt... You can now get that shape up!  Tell your barber "Don't mess up my line!"

Week 4:  Stay faithful to your girl because now you are getting a little fuzzy and the women are touching your beard and telling you how good it smells (All because of the Creative Culture Beard Butter)! At this point switch over to a comb and keep training.  Soon you'll be ready for a real wood beard comb or a pick comb (Oh we carry them too). 

Welcome to the BeardGang Bro!



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