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Ladies ❤️ Beards, Men ❤️ ___________!

Ladies ❤️ Beards, Men ❤️ ___________!

Fellas I would like to hear from you! We already know #LadiesLoveBeards.... But let's help the ladies out and share with them what we like about their look. 

Women have so many hairstyles, I don't think we can limit it to hair. I know some men don't like weaves, some don't like natural hairstyles... I just love women! If women were headed to extinction I would let God break off one rib, just one to create another woman, just for me of course. Would you give up a rib bro? Or would we just stop taking showers, stop brushing our teeth, stop getting shape ups and just play Madden all day? Tough decision but yeah, I'm going give up my rib (no epidural neither 😂😂😂😂😂)! 

My rib's look would consist of these 5 things for the fall:

1. Knee Boots & Leggings (Short Shirt)

2. Uggs & Leggings (Short Shirt) 

3. Knee Boots & Tight Ass Jeans (Short Shirt)

4. Knee Boots & Sweater Dress (No Panties)

5. Naked during Halftime (during 1 game slot; 1:00 game, 4:30 game, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football or Thursday Night Football) 

That's it for me! Fellas tell the ladies what you would like to see them in or lack thereof! Comment... 

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