Creative Culture Wood Beard Comb

  • Makes beard grooming simple:

Creative Culture Comb is made up of wood and has wide teeth that help in clearing tangles and knots in hair. It is beneficial for your beard as it will distribute the beard oil that will lead to the replenishment of the beard and the skin underneath it.

  • Handmade comb:
    Comb & condition your beards and moustache with hand-crafted excellence. Wooden Creative Culture Comb is superior to plastic or metal ones since it does not pull your face, rather it will untangle your beard in a very smooth manner. It is 100% wooden comb specifically designed for you to groom your beard.

  • Massages the scalp:
    Ordinary Combs have sharp edges that damage the cuticle, roughen the scales and cause unhealthy split hair. In fact, such combs actually undo the treatments and effects of even the best shampoos! Creative Culture Comb has rounded teeth that massage the scalp and stimulate natural oils in the hair cuticle. This keeps scales smooth, so hair stays strong and healthy.

  • Perfect for precision work

Creative Culture Comb is perfect for precision work and helps to clear out any debris trapped in the surface of your beard. The wooden handle is long enough for easy gripping, giving you the ability to easily control your comb strokes. The body of the comb is light, strong and difficult to break.

Enjoy a comfortable and irritation-free hair combing experience, every day by buying Creative Culture Comb for yourself. Frequently bought with Creative Culture Beard Butter & Creative Culture Beard Soap.

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