Creative Culture Beard Brush


Like the hair of your head, your facial hair needs to be brushed to help it lay flat, properly frame the face, and to be able to style it correctly.

  • Finest beard accessory:

Creative Culture Beard Brush is one of the finest beard accessories in the market that will help you to maintain your beard for years to come. The bristles are designed to not dig into your skin, easily managing the most challenging beards.

  • Perfect for precision work

Creative Culture Beard Brush is perfect for precision work and helps to clear out any debris trapped in the surface of your beard. The wooden handle is long enough for easy gripping, giving you the ability to easily control your brush strokes. The body of the brush is light, strong and difficult to break. This beard brush is designed for specifically reaching up under the nose.

  • Superior Penetration:

Creative Culture Beard Brush offers superior penetration. It has 100% boar bristles, reinforced to help provide maximum rigidity and deep penetration. The side of the brush has softer bristles for working in sensitive areas like under the nose. This is especially good after trimming your beard to get all of the left over cut hair out of the beard so it doesn't end up on your clothes.

  • Stimulates the skin:

Creative Culture Beard Brush is best for beard of all types. The firm bristles whisk away dead cells under the beard and stimulate the skin. This will eliminate your face itching and will help to control your wild hair. The brush will easily move conditioner or beard oils through the thick beard down to where it will be most effective. Spreading these oils properly moisturizes the hair and reduces that scraggly frizzy rats nest you have been walking around with all this time.

The product offers good quality with firm bristles. It is Easy to handle and carry. Creative Culture Beard Brush has elegant wooden body that complements your style.

Well-constructed and durable brush. Keeping the facial hair attractive and clean will get much easier with the purchase of your own Creative Culture Beard Brush. Pairs well and frequently bought with Creative Culture Beard Butter & Creative Culture Beard Soap.

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