Creative Culture Beard Bath Shampoo

  • Crafted with natural ingredients:
    A range of non-irritating natural ingredients used in Creative Culture Beard Shampoo will maintain moisture and will tame your untangle beard, providing anti-static properties which reduce frizz. It is free of SLS, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours and preservatives. 
  • Fights frizz and flakes:
    Creative Culture Shampoo lathers up nicely. It eradicates beard roughness and leaves both the beard and the skin underneath moisturized. Creative Culture Beard shampoo contains all-natural ingredients, that will strip away the dead skin cells and will replenish the skin for better growth.
  • Effective Cleanser:
    The Creative Culture Beard Shampoo comes with advanced pH-balanced formula and contains no harsh ingredients. It is ideal for removing environmental pollutants while remaining gentle on the face. It is very useful and its effects lasts for long, thereby delivering the excellent value.
  • Soften your beard:
    Creative Culture Shampoo promotes the growth and makes your beard denser. Natural ingredients used in this shampoo leaves the skin healthier so that beard can grow well and speedily. It softens and manages the coarse beard better than the regular hair shampoos and makes the beard feels less dry and looks shinier.
  • Easy application for busy men:

Simply wash your face and apply Creative Culture Beard Bath Shampoo by rubbing a small amount of it between your hands, and then apply it to your beard. Massaging your scalp will also improve blood flow throughout the area, hence the hair follicles are stimulated to grow thicker strands of hair.

  • Why is it better from ordinary shampoos?

The main difference between the Creative Culture Shampoo and ordinary shampoo is that if you regularly use off-the-shelf hair shampoos to wash your beard, then the chemicals in them will strip off the natural oils from your beard. These shampoos can turn your beard dry, coarse, and brittle. Creative Culture Shampoo is most suitable for a soft beard. It eliminates the possibility of split-ends and strengthen your beard. You should avoid using regular hair shampoo because the harmful chemical ingredients in it may strip away the oils in the skin, leaving the hair of your beard lifeless and dry. Go with all-natural Creative Culture Beard Shampoo that will remove the dirt particles trapped within your beard and will cleanse it thoroughly, giving you a healthier and denser beard.

Directions of use:

Apply to damp beard for best results.

To be stored at room temperature. At higher temperatures, the product may lose its attribute and power to make any beard healthier.

The Creative Culture Beard Butter is 100% organic product, contains no alcohol, and is completely Animal Cruelty free. It pairs well and frequently bought with Creative Culture Beard Butter & Creative Culture Beard Soap.

If you are looking for a good beard product to clean, soften and manage your beard well, then Creative Culture Beard Shampoo can be the ideal product to meet your needs.

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