Beard Care Package (see full description)

$55.00 $70.00

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift set or looking to restock all of your favorite Creative Culture products, the Beard Care Package will be your best bet!  Included: 2 Beard Butters, A Beard Tool, a Beard Oil, a Soap and a Shampoo.  

Choose a brush, wood comb or pick and specify in the comments section.  Wood comb is the default. 

2 beard butters (sandalwood) specify in comments if you desire a different scent (frankincense & myrrh, unscented). 

Choose your soap (Sandalwood or Unscented) specify in the comments section, unscented or sandalwood will be decided by us if you fail to make a selection. 

Receive a Beard Poo, beard shampoo. 

Product is all natural and has the potential to melt under extreme heat! We will take every precaution to ship you the product in its whipped Shea form. We can not guarantee the product will not melt. If it does it is still ok for use. Allow it to settle in room temperature and continue normal use. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Also do not leave your products in your car or other areas that are extremely hot. 

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